Just Like Momma Used to Make


Mr. Jones is a stay-at-home dad residing in Boston area. Prior to supporting his brilliant Dr. wife and four above-average children as an at-home parent he worked in marketing and brand management for a leading toy company. He started his out-of-home career at a public relations agency in New York City, where he managed media relations, corporate communications and communications strategy for clients in healthcare, technology, and consumer products. He has a BA in public relations from Brigham Young University and an MBA in marketing and Strategy from Boston College. He enjoys cooking, most television, reading fantasy and science fiction, and almost anything pertaining to super heroes.

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  1. Rachel Jones says:

    Love this! I am really similar in my cooking today as compared with Mom’s. (I don’t have a cubic yard of butter, but I honestly can’t remember th e last time I bought margarine. I have often wondered if she would have made the switch to real butter, coconut oil, olive oils, because she passed away before (to my memory) all of the research came out about trans fats.

    I would have loved to introduce her to Indian and Thai curries- to my recollection she had about 3 recipes in her “ethnic foods” section: tabbouleh, stir fry, and curried chicken salad. Which is totally fine- at the same time I think she would love naan and all of those different flavors.

    That is one thing I admire so much about you and all the rest of our siblings- everyone loves to cook and bake in some fashion and we have certainly carried this legacy with us. Thanks so much for the post. It is lovely.

    p.s. I love the Princess Bride reference you snuck in. I see what you did there . .

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